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ソース: バージョン: 他の言語: 購読: ソーシャル: 最終更新日: 2024-02-23T04:52:20.995+08:00   統計を見る image
CAR T therapy for multiple sclerosis enters US trials for first time ( image
Supernova mystery solved: JWST reveals the fate of an iconic stellar explosion ( image
How whales sing without drowning, an anatomical mystery solved ( image
Arno A. Penzias (1933–2024), co-discoverer of the cosmic microwave background ( image
How egg cells handle their cellular rubbish ( image
MEGA-CRISPR tool gives a power boost to cancer-fighting cells ( image
Why citizen scientists are gathering DNA from hundreds of lakes — on the same day ( image
Why are we nice? Altruism's origins are put to the test ( image
An innovative way for whales to sing ( image
Nanotraps boost light intensity for future optical devices ( image
The life and gruesome death of a bog man revealed after 5000 years ( image
Rare isotopes formed in prelude to γ-ray burst ( image
Drug-resistant microbes: ‘brain drain’ is derailing the fight to stop them ( image
Light can restore a heart’s rhythm ( image
Why reciprocity is common in humans but rare in other animals ( image
Fractional quantum Hall effect at zero magnetic field observed in an unexpected material ( image
Directive giant upconversion by supercritical bound states in the continuum ( image
IL-10 constrains sphingolipid metabolism to limit inflammation ( image
B cells orchestrate tolerance to the neuromyelitis optica autoantigen AQP4 ( image
The UFM1 E3 ligase recognizes and releases 60S ribosomes from ER translocons ( image
A lanthanide-rich kilonova in the aftermath of a long gamma-ray burst ( image
WNT signalling control by KDM5C during development affects cognition ( image
Making cities mental health friendly for adolescents and young adults ( image
Avoiding fusion plasma tearing instability with deep reinforcement learning ( image
Synaptic wiring motifs in posterior parietal cortex support decision-making ( image
Twisted-layer boron nitride ceramic with high deformability and strength ( image
Room temperature operation of germanium–silicon single-photon avalanche diode ( image
Prevalence of persistent SARS-CoV-2 in a large community surveillance study ( image
A 3D nanoscale optical disk memory with petabit capacity ( image
Evolutionary novelties underlie sound production in baleen whales ( image
Monolithic silicon for high spatiotemporal translational photostimulation ( image
Mechanisms of action and resistance in histone methylation-targeted therapy ( image
Fractional quantum anomalous Hall effect in multilayer graphene ( image
Targeted protein degradation via intramolecular bivalent glues ( image
Super-additive cooperation ( image
Progressive unanchoring of Antarctic ice shelves since 1973 (
Double-side 2-dimensional/3-dimensional heterojunctions for inverted perovskite solar cells (
Editorial Expression of Concern: Class 3 semaphorins control vascular morphogenesis by inhibiting integrin function ( image
Claus Nielsen (1938–2024), zoologist of invertebrates ( image
Reducing carbon dioxide efficiently to reuse and recycle it ( image
Scientists under arrest: the researchers taking action over climate change ( image
Science can drive development and unity in Africa — as it does in the US and Europe (
Author Correction: Senolytic CAR T cells reverse senescence-associated pathologies ( image
Daily briefing: The decimal point is 150 years older than we thought ( image
A human embryo model mimics early development and blood-cell formation ( image
Just a few counselling sessions can hold postpartum depression at bay ( image
It’s time for countries to honour their million-dollar biodiversity pledges ( image
200 years of naming dinosaurs: scientists call for overhaul of antiquated system ( image
From the archive: Tutankhamun’s coffin, and Darwin shares a letter ( image
Mind-reading devices are revealing the brain’s secrets ( image
Daily briefing: Disease-resistant genetically modified banana is first to be approved to eat ( image
R&D budget cut could be the final straw for South Korea’s young scientists (
Pay rises for Serbia’s top 10% of research scientists ( image
Ancient bronze hand’s inscription points to origins of Basque language (
New Chinese databases are a boost for rare-disease science ( image
Genetic drivers of heterogeneity in type 2 diabetes pathophysiology ( image
The decimal point is 150 years older than historians thought ( image
Super-speedy sequencing puts genomic diagnosis in the fast lane ( image
Building precision instruments to explore the cosmos ( image
Structural biology for researchers with low vision ( image
How science is helping to farmers find a balance between agriculture and solar farms ( image
Move over, CRISPR: RNA-editing therapies pick up steam ( image
Just 5 women have won a top maths prize in the past 90 years ( image
What the EU’s tough AI law means for research and ChatGPT ( image
Building robots to get kids hooked on STEM subjects ( image
The mysteries of seaweeds and stars, and other reads: Books in brief ( image
Ultrafast, nanoscale control of electrical currents using light ( image
Great ‘Stone Age’ wall discovered in Baltic Sea ( image
Why is Latin America on fire? It’s not just climate change, scientists say ( image
Topological matter created on a quantum chip produces quasiparticles with computing power ( image
Layered ferroelectric materials make waves — and vortices ( image
Energetic laser pulses alter outcomes of X-ray studies of proteins ( image
Smoking scars the immune system for years after quitting ( image
Introducing meat-rice: grain with added muscles beefs up protein ( image
New type of magnetism splits from convention ( image
Smoking’s lasting effect on the immune system ( image
Most detailed X-ray sky map bolsters standard model of cosmology ( image
Autonomous transposons tune their sequences to ensure somatic suppression ( image
Rainforest transformation reallocates energy from green to brown food webs ( image
A single-cell time-lapse of mouse prenatal development from gastrula to birth ( image
Room-temperature quantum optomechanics using an ultralow noise cavity ( image
A 2D ferroelectric vortex pattern in twisted BaTiO3 freestanding layers ( image
Altermagnetic lifting of Kramers spin degeneracy ( image
Deep whole-genome analysis of 494 hepatocellular carcinomas ( image
Smoking changes adaptive immunity with persistent effects ( image
Genetic determinants of micronucleus formation in vivo ( image
Bone marrow plasma cells require P2RX4 to sense extracellular ATP ( image
Observation of plaid-like spin splitting in a noncoplanar antiferromagnet ( image
Critical transitions in the Amazon forest system ( image
Influence of pump laser fluence on ultrafast myoglobin structural dynamics ( image
Visuo-frontal interactions during social learning in freely moving macaques ( image
Structure of human phagocyte NADPH oxidase in the activated state ( image
Nuclear export of circular RNA ( image
A new family of bacterial ribosome hibernation factors ( image
Smoking changes your immune system, even years after quitting (
A high black hole to host mass ratio in a lensed AGN in the early Universe (
A massive galaxy that formed its stars at z ~ 11 ( image
Largest post-COVID survey finds high levels of trust in scientists ( image
Welcome aboard the Silva family historic spaceside attraction tour ( image
Daily briefing: China’s sweeping retraction audit ( image
AI & robotics briefing: AI helps to reveal first passages of ancient charred scroll ( image
Calling all engineers: Nature wants to publish your research ( image
The future of precision cancer therapy might be to try everything ( image
Indonesian election promises boost to research funding — no matter who wins ( image
The immune markers that predict who can keep SARS-CoV-2 in check ( image
Moon mission: will a private firm finally land a craft on the lunar surface? ( image
EU climate policy is dangerously reliant on untested carbon-capture technology ( image
From the archive: river pollution, and a minister for science ( image
Solitary light pulses on a chip-sized laser open up analytical applications ( image
Daily briefing: Want a glowing houseplant? Now you can buy one ( image
Culture wars are raging on US campuses. Will they affect research? (
Deep-sea mining opponents: there’s no free lunch when it comes to clean energy ( image
How journals are fighting back against a wave of questionable images ( image
Postdocs celebrate 24% pay boost in one of the world’s most expensive cities ( image
I run a physics lab — and thousands of kilometres a year ( image
Daily briefing: The quest for self-fertilizing plants ( image
I took my case to Nepal’s highest court to improve conservation ( image
China conducts first nationwide review of retractions and research misconduct ( image
A researcher-exchange programme made me a better doctor at home and abroad (
Publisher Correction: Hypoblast from human pluripotent stem cells regulates epiblast development (
Author Correction: Rewiring of the ubiquitinated proteome determines ageing in C. elegans ( image
The ‘Bill Gates problem’: do billionaire philanthropists skew global health research? ( image
Glow way! Bioluminescent houseplant hits US market for first time ( image
Climatologist Michael Mann wins defamation case: what it means for scientists ( image
‘Geometry can be very simple, but totally deep’: meet top maths prizewinner Claire Voisin ( image
Author Correction: CEACAM1 regulates TIM-3-mediated tolerance and exhaustion ( image
COVID’s preprint bump set to have lasting effect on research publishing ( image
Daily briefing: An ocean in hiding inside Saturn’s moon Mimas ( image
‘It reflects the society we live in where a young person does not feel life is worth living’ ( image
Why a cheap, effective treatment for diarrhoea is underused ( image
Mirror-image molecules separated using workhorse of chemistry (
Author Correction: Genotyping, sequencing and analysis of 140,000 adults from Mexico City ( image
US and China likely to delay renewal of key science pact again ( image
Why an ancient gold-based explosive makes purple smoke ( image
The brain area that lights up in prickly people ( image
Circulating myeloid-derived MMP8 in stress susceptibility and depression ( image
Resting restores performance of discharged lithium-metal batteries ( image
Fake research papers flagged by analysing authorship trends ( image
The Solar System has a new ocean — it’s buried in a small Saturn moon ( image
Mimas’s surprise ocean prompts an update of the rule book for moons ( image
A distinct cortical code for socially learned threat ( image
Structural basis of ribosomal 30S subunit degradation by RNase R ( image
Convergence of coronary artery disease genes onto endothelial cell programs ( image
The nuclear factor ID3 endows macrophages with a potent anti-tumour activity ( image
Transforming a head direction signal into a goal-oriented steering command ( image
Bile salt hydrolase catalyses formation of amine-conjugated bile acids ( image
Allosteric modulation and G-protein selectivity of the Ca2+-sensing receptor ( image
Observation and quantification of the pseudogap in unitary Fermi gases ( image
Recovery of isolated lithium through discharged state calendar ageing ( image
Translation selectively destroys non-functional transcription complexes ( image
Signatures of a surface spin–orbital chiral metal ( image
A recently formed ocean inside Saturn’s moon Mimas ( image
A rechargeable calcium–oxygen battery that operates at room temperature ( image
Evidence of superconducting Fermi arcs ( image
Elevated Southern Hemisphere moisture availability during glacial periods ( image
A break in mitochondrial endosymbiosis as a basis for inflammatory diseases ( image
Naturally occurring T cell mutations enhance engineered T cell therapies ( image
Identification of direct connections between the dura and the brain ( image
Turing test — all my broken hearts ( image
Could roving researchers help address the challenge of taking parental leave? ( image
Cyberattacks on knowledge institutions are increasing: what can be done? ( image
AI & robotics briefing: Lack of transparency surrounds Neuralink’s ‘brain-reading’ chip ( image
The new car batteries that could power the electric vehicle revolution ( image
CERN’s supercollider plan: $17-billion ‘Higgs factory’ would dwarf LHC ( image
EU unveils controversial climate target: what scientists think ( image
An ancient tree’s oddball shape is revealed by an extraordinary fossil ( image
AI chatbot shows surprising talent for predicting chemical properties and reactions ( image
Absence of female partners can explain the dawn chorus of birds ( image
How population size shapes the evolution of guppy fish ( image
‘Altruistic’ bull elephant seal lends a helping flipper ( image
Why the mental cost of a STEM career can be too high for women and people of colour ( image
Economists count the cost of ‘risky’ science ( image
No ‘easy’ weight loss: don’t overlook the social cost of anti-obesity drugs ( image
Santorini’s volcanic past: underwater clues reveal giant prehistoric eruption (
Clinical trials: Japan’s opt-out policy raises risks of adverse drug responses (
‘Bee protection’ offsets are as flawed as tree-planting schemes (
Urban trees: how to maximize their benefits for humans and the environment (
Best practice for LGBTQ+ data collection by STEM organizations ( image
Several transient binding events create a strong, adaptable interface between organelles ( image
Synthesizing and identifying potential biomarkers to explore uncharted biochemistry ( image
JWST is most in-demand telescope ever — leaving many astronomers in the cold ( image
The world has warmed 1.5 °C, according to 300-year-old sponges ( image
Surprise find: a blood-based immune system is discovered in the gut ( image
Innovative funding systems are key to fighting inequities in African science ( image
I started fossil hunting in my 60s — now I have more than 2,000 pieces ( image
Science and government: can the power struggle ever end? ( image
Ivory artefacts’ origins revealed by telltale peptides ( image
It’s time to admit that genes are not the blueprint for life ( image
Cervical cancer could be eliminated: here’s how ( image
Crackdown on skin colour bias by fingertip oxygen sensors is coming, hints FDA (
Author Correction: Satellite mapping reveals extensive industrial activity at sea (
‘Blue foods’ to tackle hidden hunger and improve nutrition ( image
A forgotten Aztec scholar and more: Books in brief ( image
This AI learnt language by seeing the world through a baby’s eyes ( image
Why autoimmune disease is more common in women: X chromosome holds clues ( image
In the AI science boom, beware: your results are only as good as your data ( image
How to enhance lab-team efficiency with tools from the tech industry ( image
Number of Black UK professors rises by 25% in one year ( image
Passion, curiosity and perseverance: my mission to capture women in science on camera (
Publisher Correction: Developmental dynamics of two bipotent thymic epithelial progenitor types ( image
Brazil’s deforestation ‘police’ on strike — threatening climate goals ( image
New genetic variants found in large Chinese mother–baby study ( image
A glacier’s ‘memory’ is fading because of climate change ( image
Flexible fibres take fabrics into the information age ( image
Ecosystem effects of sea otters limit coastal erosion ( image
Unravelling how plant cells divide and differ ( image
Stone tools in northern Europe made by Homo sapiens 45,000 years ago ( image
Measles surge causes alarm: what scientists think ( image
An early look at birth cohort genetics in China ( image
Designing a circular carbon and plastics economy for a sustainable future ( image
Ultracold field-linked tetratomic molecules ( image
High-quality semiconductor fibres via mechanical design ( image
Flexible silicon solar cells with high power-to-weight ratios ( image
SHR and SCR coordinate root patterning and growth early in the cell cycle ( image
The Born in Guangzhou Cohort Study enables generational genetic discoveries ( image
Durable CO2 conversion in the proton-exchange membrane system ( image
Stress response silencing by an E3 ligase mutated in neurodegeneration ( image
Top-predator recovery abates geomorphic decline of a coastal ecosystem ( image
Conformational ensembles of the human intrinsically disordered proteome ( image
Oxygen-evolving photosystem II structures during S1–S2–S3 transitions ( image
Single-neuronal elements of speech production in humans ( image
Single-photon superradiance in individual caesium lead halide quantum dots ( image
Matrix viscoelasticity promotes liver cancer progression in the pre-cirrhotic liver ( image
Fertilizer management for global ammonia emission reduction ( image
Establishing reaction networks in the 16-electron sulfur reduction reaction ( image
Stereodivergent 1,3-difunctionalization of alkenes by charge relocation ( image
Ancient DNA solves the mystery of who made a set of stone tools ( image
Why human brain cells grow so slowly ( image
Mysterious exploding star and more — January’s best science images (